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What To Do When You Are Anxious

Posted at March 12th, 2023 | Categorised in Make Him Love

What To Do When You Are Anxious – April is a crazy month for me and the next few weeks are action packed. Tomorrow I’m giving a report that I’ve been working on for a few weeks, and in a week I’m undergoing (another, yuck!) surgery. Needless to say, anxiety levels were everywhere. To combat them, I pulled out some of my favorite anxiety remedies and thought I’d share them with you too, in case you’re dealing with one yourself!

I’m not an “outdoorsy” person, but there’s something really relaxing about being outside when you’re feeling anxious or stressed. When my anxiety rears its ugly head, I try to remind myself to step outside even for a few minutes to get some fresh air and a fresh perspective.

What To Do When You Are Anxious

As someone who enjoys being in control, this can be hard for me, but it’s always so helpful when I can turn to others for help. No matter what you’re going through, you don’t have to go it alone. If you’re lucky enough to have friends and family who can help you (even if it’s emotional support), ask! If not, look for resources online.

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Even if you don’t consider yourself a “creative” person, creating something is a great way to get your mind off your worries and onto something new. Lately I’ve been really focused on creating my presentation, but I’m also taking a break from it to relax a bit (I share it on Instagram almost every day!). If art isn’t your thing, consider cooking!

Making sure you’re hydrated is a good way to combat anxiety, even if it sounds a little weird. Personally, if I don’t drink enough water, I get headaches and generally don’t feel right, so as soon as I feel my anxiety levels rising, I make sure I hydrate. (Eating healthy is also a good idea, but I’m not always great, especially when I’m stressed!)

Whether you consider yourself a writer or not, taking the time to write down your anxious thoughts can be a great way to relieve some of the stress you’re dealing with. If this causes more anxiety, consider writing down a list of things that make you feel a little better or that you’re grateful for.

The sound of deep breaths is pleasant, but paying attention to your breath can really make a difference in dealing with anxiety. Your breath is something you can access at all times, so it’s a useful tool for calming down no matter what the situation. I find the 4-7-8 breathing method very helpful when I’m feeling really anxious myself!

Simple Steps To Help With Anxiety

Music can have such a profound effect on your mood that you can use it to your advantage when it comes to your emotional state. Create a playlist of soothing (or soothing!) songs to play when you’re having trouble relaxing. This is a quick way to get your attention. (And if you’re like me, you might even dance a little in there!) Follow me on Spotify for some playlist ideas!

Being present may seem like the opposite of what you want to do when you’re anxious, but remember that anxious thoughts come from talking about what’s happening, not what’s happening now.

When my anxiety starts to really get to me, I do everything I can to find a positive distraction (usually in the form of a really good book or a funny movie). Avoiding your emotions is not something I usually recommend, but distraction can be a useful tactic when emotions get out of hand and become ineffective (anxiety almost always!).

If you feel anxious or struggle with anxiety, I hope some of these tips help you. I would love to know what tactics work for you in dealing with anxiety or stress. Let me know your top tips in the comments section below! If someone close to you is dealing with anxiety, we have put together how you can help them so that you can support them in the best possible way.

Anxiety And Worry Kit In A Tin

If a family member or friend struggles with anxiety or has been diagnosed with an anxiety disorder, you’ll want to know the best ways to support them. Figuring out how to help someone with anxiety can be difficult at first, but once you understand their concerns, you can communicate better.

Managing mental health conditions can be difficult at times, but when it comes to helping someone with anxiety, we’ve come up with some helpful anxiety dos and don’ts so you can take steps to help them start feeling better. it’s better.

Anxiety affects people differently. There are many symptoms of anxiety and people can display different behaviors such as defensiveness, anger and restlessness.

Reading about the different types of anxiety and their symptoms can help you better understand what the person you care about is going through. This in turn helps you empathize with their experiences and identify times when they need more support.

Coping Skills For Anxiety: 7 Effective Methods To Try

When learning how to help someone with anxiety, you may want to explain to the person that they have been feeling more anxious lately and that you want to help.

This comes as a welcome relief as they usually feel they don’t have to carry the burden of anxiety alone. Having this conversation gives a person a chance to see that there are people who care, who want to listen, and want to make them feel better. Someone who suffers from anxiety can also tell you about ways to help manage your anxiety symptoms.

When you ask that person how you can support them, listen carefully to their preferences. After all, you want to know how to help and support worried people. Maybe they want help breaking down a task they’re worried about, maybe they want you to take their mind off their worries, or they just want to talk to them.

You can help them emotionally by taking the time to listen and understand their needs.

How To Deal With Anxiety At Work

If your loved one feels comfortable discussing their concerns, use active listening techniques to show them how they feel and that it makes sense. You can use phrases like:

You should try and avoid talking. In general, don’t underestimate someone’s feelings or exaggerate what they say. Don’t say things like:

When it comes to helping someone with anxiety, it’s important to communicate openly with them.

If you can, see the person regularly, as this will help control anxiety. Spend one-on-one time with them so they have a chance to talk about things they care about. You can also reach out once a week by phone, video or phone, or send a text every few days to see how their week is going.

How To Solve Stress And Anxiety

It’s understandable to feel frustrated, scared, or tired at times when trying to get help with anxiety. Their concerns may affect you as well.

Deal with these feelings and maintain your well-being. Talk to other friends or family members about how you feel, consider getting medical help, take real care of your physical and mental health, write a book every week and do activities you enjoy. When you take care of yourself, you will be in a better position to help someone who is worried.

When you are with the person or on the phone, avoid constantly bringing up their concerns or asking questions about them. Instead, keep the conversation going and talk about it if they want to. That way, they won’t feel uncomfortable and pressured to discuss their concerns if they don’t want to.

When someone has anxiety, they may try to avoid certain places or situations. As a result, you may begin to change your behavior as well. For example, you may have started avoiding certain places or scenarios, or taken on tasks to help the person avoid them.

How To Deal With Anxiety

We understand that it may seem like you are preventing someone from caring in the short term, but this prevention actually has a negative effect on them. Their continued avoidance perpetuates their anxiety and they fail to recognize that they can actually manage avoidant situations.

While it’s important for you not to be able to trigger their behavior, you shouldn’t force the person to go to these places

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