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Voodoo Spells To Make Someone Love You

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Voodoo Spells To Make Someone Love You – One of the items in our curated exhibit Hebrew Manuscripts: Journeys of the Written Word is a small codex from 16th-century Italy. It is called The Tree of Knowledge (Ets ha-Da’at) and contains a collection of about 125 magic spells with all kinds of uses: curses, healing potions, love charms, amulets. There are quite a number of such magical healing manuscripts in the Hebrew collection, but this section is special for at least two reasons. First by its neat layout and the precision of its execution. Second, because it has an introduction in which the author tells the story of Elisha, how he collected these spells.

Title page of the Tree of Knowledge by Elisha Ben Gad of Ancona. (White, 1535-1536 (or 12362, c. 2r)).

Voodoo Spells To Make Someone Love You

According to his introduction, Elisha is consumed by an intense thirst for knowledge and he embarks on a journey to satisfy it. He wanders from town to town until he comes to Venice, a great city full of sages and scholars. There, through God’s mercy, he gained the trust of Rabbi Judah Alkabets and gained access to the rabbi’s library. He soon discovers that the rabbi’s collection includes valuable kabbalistic volumes “which have become famous and acclaimed, and have been written with all [God’s] fingers – Ex. 31:18”. So he swears to himself that he won’t leave the library until he has collected all of its secrets. When he goes through the books, he sees that “a book is hidden and sealed, In a coffin is another coffin covered with cloth and sealed”. .” When he opens this hidden book, he finds all kinds of magic spells there, and he decides to copy them. After the death of Judah Alcabetz, Elisha leaves Venice and continues his journey, and ends up arriving in Safed in the Land of Israel. He stays there for a long time before gaining the trust of the saints of Safed, but eventually In they share their secret knowledge with him. Their book, which they call the Tree of Knowledge, is based on secrets obtained in Venice and White.

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After recounting his painstaking efforts to obtain such invaluable hidden knowledge, Elisha explains how he organized the material he gathered and structured his book. It provides users with a table of contents to facilitate their access to the mantras they are looking for. The table of contents is divided into four sections:

2. spells that use the names “spirit of impurity” and “on the other side” (i.e. references to the forces of evil);

So what kind of occult knowledge did Elisha bin Gad acquire in Venice and Safed? Let’s look at a few mantras from each section. Oh how hard it is to choose!

The first section of the tree of knowledge. (Elisha ben Gad of Ancona, Tree of Knowledge (White, 1535-1536). (OR 12362, f. 5r))

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Many of the 52 mantras included in the first section are amulets that provide protection against illnesses such as nosebleeds, fever, and earaches; spells to improve intellectual abilities such as facilitating learning, comprehension or improving memory; and various other mantras.

Talisman against fever. (Elisha ben Gad of Ancona, Tree of Knowledge (White, 1535-1536). (OR 12362, f. 11r))

Ava Avra ​​Avra ​​Avraka Avrakaal Avrakaal Avrakaal Avraka Avraka Avra ​​Avra ​​Ava – “The people cried out to Moses. Moses prayed to Jehovah, and the fire was extinguished.” (Numbers 11:2). Healing from heaven for every kind of fever and consumption and fire for such and such [insert name of specific person here]. Amen [Male] To [Male] Sela.

It is easy to find the famous magic word “abracadabra” in this spell. It first appears in a 2nd-century Latin medical poem by physician Quintus Serenus Sammonicus. The origin of this word is unclear. It may come from the Aramaic avra ke-dawra, which means “I do as I speak”, but there are many other theories floating around.

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Mantra to shorten one’s journey (No. 39). (Elisha ben Gad of Ancona, Tree of Knowledge (White, 1535-1536). (OR 12362, f. 27r))

Shorten the Road: Write on a piece of kosher deerskin parchment and sew it to your garment. When you see the appearance of the city, mention these names and say: “I swear to you, Kaptsel, Malakhel, shorten for me the road and the country as you shorten them for Abraham. Cafefiel – and In the name of the Lord of all the earth. Amen s[ella]”

The second branch of the tree of knowledge. (Elisha ben Gad of Ancona, Tree of Knowledge (White, 1535-1536). (OR 12362, f. 7v))

The second section is believed to contain spells that use the names of the evil spirits “the spirit of impurity and the other side”, as Elisha puts it. To be honest, I didn’t always find these names appealing in this section, though that could just be due to my limited knowledge and second-hand experience. Nevertheless, there are many useful spells in this section – 19 in total – including some that make you invisible, help you find scorpions and snakes, make you “snakeproof” or ordeal of the swords”. , and there are some that help you catch up. Thief. Here is an example of the latter (number 80):

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To find the thief, write these names on a piece of kosher parchment [see the word at the end of the spelling], and hang them around the neck of a black rooster. Then surround the suspects with the rooster, and it will jump on the thief’s head. And it has been tested.

Mantra to identify the thief (no. 80). (Elisha ben Gad of Ancona, Tree of Knowledge (White, 1535-1536). (OR 12362, f. 37r))

Although I am not able to recognize these magic words at all, could some of them be the names of evil spirits? – I had better luck with the magic number. 97 on burning with fire:

A wonderful mantra, tried and tested many times over. For minor and major burns. Full recovery without pain with these words! Say these names [ie. Mantra] seven times:

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Agrifuc agrifar agripiri chi vol to fer di pyro nocesti di acaro fosti generato, e allo fonti fosti portato, all’acqua fosti gatato, non focus far piu men qua (?) chi fi la!

And then blow on the burn with the breath of your mouth and repeat the mantra again seven times, and the fire will not harm it.

As you can see, the actual incantation to the fire is in Judeo-Italian, that is, written in Italian Hebrew letters, and it reads as follows:

“Agrifuk agrifar agripyri whom did you wish to harm with fire? You were born from an akaras [probably from the Greek akarḗs, meaning “small”), you were brought from such a source, [and] you were thrown to water. . You can’t do any more damage…!”[1]

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Mantra for burning (number 97). (Elisha ben Gad of Ancona, Tree of Knowledge (White, 1535-1536). (OR 12362, f. 41r))

The third section of the tree of knowledge. (Elisha ben Gad of Ancona, Tree of Knowledge (White, 1535-1536). (OR 12362, f. 8v))

Elisha tells us that in the third volume of his work we can find “remedies based on nature and experience”. Some of these 31 remedies relate to fever, worms, witchcraft, complications in pregnancy and childbirth, etc. He also discussed the magical properties of snakeskin. However, it seems that some of the remedies listed here are not based on nature, but use spells or magic words of some kind.

A mantra for a woman who has no milk (number 104). (Elisha ben Gad of Ancona, Tree of Knowledge (White, 1535-1536). (OR 12362, f. 42v))

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Remedy no. 104 is a good example. This mantra is for the woman who has no milk. The title of the mantra is inscribed in a ribbon and is illustrated with a statue of a naked woman.

Write [on a piece of parchment?] the name of the woman or her brother or her son who will bring milk to the woman, and write on the woman’s right breast: AV SU SAS, and on her left breast write : AV HU SIA, and that immediately she will begin to drink a lot of milk, and it will fall to the ground like water.

Mantras using snakeskin (No. 116). (Elisha ben Gad of Ancona, Tree of Knowledge (White, 1535-1536). (OR 12362, f. 45r))

Entry 116 is about the magical properties of snakeskin, and according to the title, the spell is based on “the words of Solomon, the physician of Tulitul” (Tulitul is the Arabic name for Toledo). Elisha says he read in an Arabic book that if you burn the skin of a snake for a certain period in March, you can use the ashes from the skin for all sorts of purposes. He then lists 12 magical properties of snakeskin based on important Arabic magical spell books (number 12 is missing). Here are some of the best:

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Lesson on the Magical Properties of Snakeskin (No. 116). (Elisha ben Gad of Ancona, Tree of

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