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The Top 5 Qualities Men Find Attractive In Women

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The Top 5 Qualities Men Find Attractive In Women – According to a survey, millennial men want women to be equal, take initiative, be enthusiastic, confident, intellectual and live life to the fullest.

What do men find attractive in a woman? Is it their looks, their personality, their confidence, their smile, or a combination of certain traits? The extramarital dating app – Gleeden – recently conducted a survey among 15 thousand users across major cities in India to understand the top qualities of women that men like and find attractive. While women are more attracted to a man’s personality, men are believed to inherently look for more images. However, this notion has changed over time as millennial men now want their partners to be equal, take charge, be passionate, confident, intellectual and live life to the fullest. (Also read: Have you broken up with your partner? Ways to take care of your mental health)

The Top 5 Qualities Men Find Attractive In Women

The Top 5 Qualities Men Find Attractive In Women

Men like to see women dressed in their best clothes and this gives them their first impression of the woman they are potentially interested in. Clothes speak a language of their own, so whether it’s a beautiful sundress, sexy evening wear with heels or even a casual outfit, well-dressed hair and makeup leave a lasting impression on a man.

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Although a man’s natural instinct to pamper his woman is something that can never be completely washed away, there are still areas that may have changed. Our modern society is all about equality and things like splitting the bills equally on your dates and making decisions in a relationship as equals is definitely a big reason why a man is attracted to a woman.

Our modern society is all about equality and things like splitting the bills equally on your dates and making decisions in a relationship as equals is definitely a big reason why a man is attracted to a woman. (Unsplash)

Let’s be honest, it’s hard for guys to continue to take the lead, either in conversations or decisions, while you’re together. Having a woman who isn’t shy about taking charge and starting at different levels is a huge change for a man and instantly makes a woman more desirable in his eyes.

Nothing shines brighter than being confident and at your most comfortable. Looking at a woman confident in her own skin is something a man can’t look away from. Remember – a good smile goes a long way!

Things Men Find Very Attractive In Women

Let’s face it – men love to make women laugh. They will come up with several things just to bring a smile to a woman’s face and you appreciate that it will surely make her heart skip a beat.

Women are fierce and strong, and men are always excited to see them do – what they do best! (Shutterstock)

Women are fierce and strong, and men are always excited to see them do – what they do best! They appreciate a woman who has a strong sense of passion and an exciting zest for life that keeps them tough and solid at the same time.

The Top 5 Qualities Men Find Attractive In Women

Perhaps one of the most intimate things that can exist in the world – is the power of eye contact. Nothing beats the spark that eye contact creates and when a woman catches her with her husband, it makes him weak in the knees.

Things Men Do Not Find Attractive In Women (or Women In Men)

Men really appreciate the excitement of the chase and a woman’s ability to keep them intrigued and excited to learn more about her. This is something that most men find quite desirable.

Whether it’s small activities like an impromptu baking session or exciting plans like hiking and doing something new with him, a man loves it when a woman is interested in new activities and is always up for it for adventure.

While any man’s core attractiveness has a lot to do with how a woman looks, it’s just as important for him to be able to talk to her on an intellectual level. Being with a woman who truly appreciates what a man has to say and appreciates him for it is something every man is looking for.

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The Top 10 Qualities Women Seek In A Man

New findings from independent market research firm eu Insight show that men tend to place more importance on physical attributes, while women prioritize their partner’s financial security. Men rated physical traits like looks and quality in bed higher, while women rated traits like job stability and financial status more important.

The study surveyed 3,334 Singaporeans aged 16 and above in February 2019 by eu Insight, and the data was weighted to represent Singapore’s online population in terms of age and gender demographics. The study asked study participants about the qualities (such as honesty and a sense of humor) and personal preferences (such as body type and hair color) they look for in an ideal partner.

When it comes to an ideal partner, Singaporeans have certain basic criteria that their potential partner must meet. Traits that were exceptionally common in both sexes included traits such as kindness (79%), honesty (71%) and love of children (70%). These typical qualities needed to build a family show that most Singaporeans are looking for partners with long-term relationships in mind.

The Top 5 Qualities Men Find Attractive In Women

Highest recording quality in both sexes? personal cleanliness. Both men and women prioritize hygiene, with hygiene ranking highest for both men (85%) and women (90%). Singaporeans looking for their dream partner don’t forget to use deodorant and perfume before going on dates! Smelling good is also one of Singaporeans’ most desired traits, with 70% reporting that it’s something they look for in their ideal partner.

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For men, the qualities they want in their ideal partner tend to be physical in nature, while women are more likely to prioritize financial security over beauty and affection. Men rated qualities such as beauty (70%), being good in bed (50%) and being good kissers (48%) significantly higher than women who ranked the same qualities; Looks good (54%) in bed (33%) and kisses well (38%) much less.

However, the qualities that women prioritize tend to be financial in nature, ranking qualities such as financial status (70%), job (61%) and job stability (55%), which indicates economic security is much higher than that. of men, Where men occupy the same qualities. ; Financial status (47%), occupation (37%), job stability (25%), are significantly lower.

Does this mean all men are shallow and women are materialistic? not quite, not exactly. Biology might be the instinctive driving factor for this trend. Women have always needed to be selective when choosing a mate, as long pregnancy and child-rearing meant they needed a companion to protect and care for themselves and their children. Meanwhile, men tend to look for fertile partners, with beauty and sexual experience being the main indicators.

Another reason for the strong difference in dating preferences could be due to internal gender norms in Singaporean society. “The more equal society is between the sexes, the less women depend on men for money and status, while men prioritize other qualities that women have besides youth and beauty,” says Shuen Yu, Community Director my Insight. “Although it is impossible to have a society that is completely equal between the sexes, we must aim to enable women to reach high positions in politics, business and education in order to achieve more parity in society and in personal relationships.”

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Many young Singaporeans are dating online – find out what men and women have to say about dating apps here. Every man is looking for the perfect woman, even if the things he wants in a woman are different. But the common idea is to find someone who is willing to ride the rollercoaster of life with them and stand by them in all situations. This is why they take time to commit.

Finding “the one” is a crucial decision men make in life. They put a lot of thought into it. Not only are they looking for a decent woman to help them, share their responsibilities and support them when they are down, but they are also looking for a free-spirited, experimental, ambitious woman who takes care of her body and is vocal about her needs and wants. . Many things go into a man deciding which woman he wants to settle down with. Below is a list of qualities that men look for in the woman they want to spend their life with. Read on!

Of course, not everyone is close to their family. This does not make him a bad person at all. However, every man admires a woman who values ​​her family as well as his own. Of course, no one should be prosecuted or punished for being part of an abusive family. However, the quality of establishing a strong and healthy connection with friends and family

The Top 5 Qualities Men Find Attractive In Women

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