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Make Him Want You Back Spell

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Make Him Want You Back Spell – One of the items in our exhibition, Hebrew Manuscripts: A Journey through the Written Word, is a small codex from 16th-century Italy. It is called the Tree of Knowledge (Ets ha-Da’at) and contains about 125 magical things with many uses: curses, healing potions, love charms, amulets. There are many such prescriptions in Hebrew writing, but this one is unique for at least two reasons. First, because of its good and correct process of execution. Second, because it has an introduction in which the author, Elisa, tells the story of how he wrote the manuscript.

Page from the Tree of Knowledge by Elisha ben Gad of Ancona. (Safed, 1535-1536 (or 12362, f.2r)).

Make Him Want You Back Spell

According to him, Elisa had a great thirst for knowledge and began to walk to satisfy that thirst. He traveled from city to city until he reached Venice, the great city of religious wisdom and wisdom. There, by God’s mercy, he won the trust of Rabbi Judah Alkabets and was allowed to enter the Rabbi’s library. Soon he found that the rabbi’s notebook contained precious Kabbalistic texts, “which came forth for glory and praise, and all with [the finger of God – Exodus 31:18]. So he made a promise in his heart, he will not leave the library. Until he had written all his secrets, when he turned from the books, he saw that “a book was hidden and closed, in one case, and the other case was covered with a cloth and closed.” When he opened the secret book, he After the death of Judah Alkabetz, Elisha left the city of Venice to continue, he reached the safe land of Israel, and he spent a long time in that first had the confidence of the wise men of Safed, But at last they revealed their secret wisdom to him, His book, which he called The Tree of Knowledge, was based as his time in Venice and A card received from Safed.

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After talking about his efforts to acquire the following important skills, Elisha explains how he organized the collection and created his book. It provides users with a directory for easy access to the articles they are looking for. The catalog is divided into four sections:

2. Spells using the names “Holy Spirit” and “Beyond” (for example referring to evil forces);

So how did Elisha ben Ghad get the secret knowledge in Venice and Safed? Let’s take a look at a few comments for each section. Alas, it is very difficult to choose!

The first part of the tree of knowledge. (Elisha ben Gad of Ancona, Tree of Knowledge (Safeed, 1535-1536). (or 12362, f.5r))

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Among the 52 god-names written in the first part are a number of amulets that prevent diseases such as nosebleeds, fever, and earache; spells that enhance intelligence, such as enhancing learning, understanding, or improving memory; and many other spells.

Amulet fever. (Elisha ben Gad of Ancona, Tree of Knowledge (Safeed, 1535-1536). (or 12362, f. 11r))

Avr avra avrak avraka avrakal avrakala avrakal avraka avrak avra avr av – “The people cried out to Moses, Moses prayed, and the fire burned.” (Numbers 11:2). All kinds of fever, fire etc. are cured in heaven. Amen O [man] O [man] Selah.

The well-known magic word “abracadabra” is easily found in this collection. It first appeared in a 2nd-century Latin medical poem by the physician Quintus Serenus Sammonicus. The origin of the word is not clear. It may come from the Aramaic avra ke-davra, meaning “I create as I say”, but there are several other theories.

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Spell to Shorten Journeys (No. 39). (Elisha ben Gad of Ancona, Tree of Knowledge (Safed, 1535-1536). (or 12362, f. 27r))

Shortcut: Write on a piece of Jewish parchment made from deer and sew it into your shirt. When you see the people in the city, you say these names and say: “I ask you, Kaptsiel, Malakhel, make the roads and the land short for me, as you made them short for Abraham. Amen S[ela]”

The second part of the tree of knowledge. (Elisha ben Gad of Ancona, Tree of Knowledge (Safeed, 1535-1536). (or 12362, f. 7v))

According to Elisha, the second part should contain a text that uses the names of evil spirits “unclean and passing away”. To be honest, I don’t necessarily see such names in the charm, although that is only because of my limited knowledge and experience with the other side. That passage, however, has many useful spells – 19 in all – some of which can make you invisible, help you find scorpions and snakes, give you “snake protection” or “wash protection,” and many more to help you catch. thief. Here is an example of the last one (No. 80):

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To find the thief, write these names [see notes at the end of the essay] on a piece of Jewish parchment and hang them around the neck of a black hen. Then surround the villain with the chicken and it will jump on the thief’s head. This has been tested.

Show the thief’s letter (No. 80). (Elisha ben Gad of Ancona, Tree of Knowledge (Safeed, 1535-1536). (or 12362, f. 37r))

Although I can’t make out the magic words at all – could they be names of evil spirits? – I have no luck with writing. 97 For fire:

A good spell, tried and tried many times. Suitable for large and small burns. With that said, recovery is not painful! Say these names [i.e. mantras] seven times:

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Agrifuk agrifar agripyri chi vol tu fer di pyro nocesti di acaro fosti generato, elo fonti fosti portato, all’acqua fosti gettato, non fossi far più man qua (?) chi fai la!

Then blow the fire with one breath, and repeat the mantra seven times, and the fire will not harm him.

As you can see, the actual incantation shown on the fire itself is in Judeo-Italian, that is, Italian written in Hebrew characters, and reads:

“Agrifuk agrifar agripyri who do you want to hurt with fire? You were born from a mite [perhaps from the Greek akarḗs, meaning “small”, you were born from the place, [then] you were thrown into water.. You can’t do anything else… “[1]

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Burning Spell (No. 97). (Elisha ben Gad of Ancona, Tree of Knowledge (Safed, 1535-1536). (or 12362, f. 41r))

The third part of the tree of knowledge. (Elisha ben Gad of Ancona, Tree of Knowledge (Safeed, 1535-1536). (or 12362, f. 8v))

Elisa tells us that in the third part of his book we can find “remedies based on situations and trials.” Among the 31 types of folk medicine, several are for the treatment of fever, disease, elimination of pathogenic bacteria, problems of pregnancy and childbirth, etc. He also talks about the magic of snake skin. However, many of the treatments listed here do not appear in nature, but use some type of writing or grimoire.

The spell of a woman without milk (No. 104). (Elisha ben Gad of Ancona, Tree of Knowledge (Safeed, 1535-1536). (or 12362, f. 42v))

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This treatment. 104 is a good example of the future. This is the spell of a woman without milk. The name of the spell is engraved on a ribbon and illustrated with a bust of a naked woman.

To give milk to a woman, write the name of the woman or her brother or her son [on a piece of parchment? ], and write on the woman’s right breast: AV SU SAS, and on her left breast: AV HU SIA, she will soon have a lot of milk, and she will pour it on the good ground like water

Spell using the snake (name 116). (Elisha ben Gad of Ancona, Tree of Knowledge (Safed, 1535-1536). (or 12362, f. 45r))

Entry 116 is about the magic of snake skin, and according to the name, the spell is based on “the words of Solomon’s doctor Tuli Tull” (Tuli Tullah is the Arabic name for Toledo). Elisha said that he had read in an Arabic book that if the skin of a snake is burned in March, the ashes can be used for many purposes. Then he listed 12 charms of the snake’s skin (the number 12 is missing) according to the main Arabic book of magic. Here are some of the best:

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The text of the miracle of snake skin (number 116). (Elisha Ben Gad of Ancona,

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