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Make Him Love Me Again Spell

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Make Him Love Me Again Spell – An Egyptian book that records love prayers, exorcisms and a cure for black jaundice (a deadly disease). Written in Coptic (an Egyptian language), the 20-page illustrated codex is 1,300 years old. This image shows part of the text By Effy Alexakis/Macquarie University

Among other things, the “Handbook of Ritual Power” instructs readers on how to cast love spells, drive away evil spirits, and cure “blackness”, a bacterial infection still in these days, may die.

Make Him Love Me Again Spell

The book is about 1,300 years old and is written in Coptic, an Egyptian language. It is made up of folded pages – a type that book researchers call a codex.

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“This is a complete 20-page handbook, containing a liturgical text,” wrote Malcolm Choat of Macquarie University and Iain Gardner of the University of Sydney in their book, “A Coptic Handbook of Ritual Power” (Brepols, 2014).

According to them, the book contains “many prescriptions or spells for healing spirits and various diseases, or for success in love and business.” For example, to subdue someone, the codex says that you must cast a spell over two fingers, then “drive them into their door, one on the right (and) one on the left”.

Scholars believe that the codex is from the 7th or 8th century. At that time, many Egyptians became Christians and there are many references to Jesus in the codex.

However, some of the summoners seem to be associated with a group called “Sethians”. This group flourished in Egypt during the first centuries of Christianity and honored Seth, the third son of Adam and Eve. The call in the new codex was translated as “Seth, Seth, the Living Christ.” [The Holy Land: 7 Amazing Archaeological Discoveries]

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The opening of the codex refers to a divine figure called “Baktiotha” whose identity is a mystery, researchers say. The lines that say, “I give thanks and call to you, the Baktiotha: The great, who is the most faithful; he is the ruler of the forty-nine kinds of snakes”, says to translation.

The identity of the owner of this codex, as well as its origin, is a mystery. According to the style of writing the book originated in Upper Egypt. It is now in the Museum of Antiquities at Macquarie University in Sydney. Called the Tree of Knowledge (Ets ha-Da’at) it contains a collection of some 125 spells for all kinds of purposes: curses, healing potions, love charms, amulets. The Hebrew collection contains a variety of writings by occultists, but this book is special for two reasons. First, it is due to the way it is set up and done correctly. Second, because there is an introduction in which Elisha, the author, tells how he gathered these spells.

Title page of The Tree of Knowledge by Elisha son of Cara of Ancona. (Safed, 1535-1536 (Or 12362, f. 2r)).

According to his introduction, Elisha had a great thirst for knowledge, and he went on a journey to satisfy it. He wandered from city to city until he arrived in Venice, the great city full of intellectuals and intellectuals. There, by God’s grace, he gained the trust of Rabbi Judah Alkabets and gained access to the rabbi’s library. He soon discovered that in the rabbi’s collection there were precious kabbalistic books “that have come to fame and praise, and all that was written with the finger [of God – Ex. 31:18] . And he swore in his heart that he would not leave the library until he had collected all its secrets. As he went through the books, he saw “a hidden book, sealed, in a box inside another box covered with a sealed cloth”. He opened this hidden book and found all kinds of books. After the death of Judah Alkabetz , Elisha left Venice and continued, reaching Safed, Israel. the Knowledge, derived from the secrets he received at Venice and Safed.

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After recounting his diligent efforts to obtain such hidden knowledge, Elisaia explained how he organized the materials he collected and created his book. An information table is provided for users to make it easier to find the spells they are looking for. The table of contents is divided into four sections:

2. Religions that use the names of “the unclean spirit” and those of “the other side” (ie, referring to evil forces);

So what kind of secret knowledge did Elisha bin Kara hold in Venice and Safed? Let’s see some prayers from each section. Oh, it’s hard to choose!

The first part of the tree of knowledge. (Elisha ben Gad of Ancona, Tree of Knowledge (Safed, 1535-1536). (Or 12362, f. 5r))

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Among the 52 divine names in the first section, there are many amulets that protect against diseases such as the nose, fever, and ear infections. ; prayers to improve cognitive skills such as learning management, cognition or improving memory; and other forms of worship.

An amulet against fever. (Elisha ben Gad of Ancona, Tree of Knowledge (Safed, 1535-1536). (Or 12362, f. 11r))

Av avr avra avrak avraka avrakal avrakal avrakal avraka avrak avra avr av – “The people mourned Moses. And Moses prayed to Jehovah, and the fire died. (Numbers 11:2). A healing from heaven for all kinds of fevers, for consumption, for burning, for that, for that [here is the name of the righteous person]. Amen a[men] a[men] selah.

It is easy to see the famous magic word “abracadabra” in this prayer. It first appears in a second-century Latin medical poem by the physician Quintus Serenus Sammonicus. The origin of this word is not clear. It may come from the Aramaic avra ke-davra , meaning “I will make my speech”, but it has many other meanings.

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Prayer to shorten his journey (No. 39). (Elisha ben Gad of Ancona, Tree of Knowledge (Safed, 1535-1536). (Or 12362, f. 27r))

Shortcut: Place it on a piece of kosher paper made from deerskin and sew it to your garment. When you look at the face of the city, mention these names and say: “I say to you, Kaptsiela, Malakela, shorten the road and land, as you summarized it for Abraham. Cafefiel – also in the name of the Lord of all the earth. Amen S[ela]”

The second part of the tree of knowledge. (Elisha ben Gad of Ancona, Tree of Knowledge (Safed, 1535-1536). (Or 12362, f. 7v))

The second category is said to include witches who use the names of evil spirits “the unclean spirit and the other side”, says Elisha. To tell the truth, I have never seen such names in the signs of this section, even because of my limited knowledge and experience on that side. However, there are many useful spells in the section – 19 in total – including some that will make you invisible, help you find scorpions and snakes, or “snake” or swords. , and some to help you catch thieves. Here is an example of the latter (#80):

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To find the thief, write these names on a piece of kosher paper and hang it around the neck of a black rooster. The suspects then circled the rooster and jumped on the thief’s head. And it has been tested.

A spell to mark a thief (#80). (Elisha son of Cara of Ancona, Tree of Knowledge (Safed, 1535-1536). (Or 12362, f. 37r))

Although I don’t know these magic words, are some of them evil spirit names? – I had better luck with spelling zero. 97 for the flame:

It has been proven to be a wonderful religion many times. For low and high temperatures. With these words, live without pain! Say these names [i.e. prayer] seven times.

Magical Stela (cippus Of Horus)

Agrifuk agrifar agripyri chi vol tu fer di pyro nocesti di acaro fosti generato, e elo fonti fosti portato, all’acqua fosti gettato, non fossi far più male qua (?) chi fai la!

Then blow the heat with the breath of your mouth, and repeat the prayer seven times, the fire will not break.

You see, the true worship of fire itself is in Judeo-Italian, that is, Italian written in Hebrew, and it says:

“Agrifuk agrifar agripyri who set you on fire?

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