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How To Make Him Want You Even More

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How To Make Him Want You Even More – Some men take things for granted and stop trying when they fall into a relationship or marriage. In such cases, making him jealous can be an effective way to wake him up and make him feel that he doesn’t have to lose you. But you wonder how to make him jealous? You can get some useful tips by reading our article. A dose of jealousy can do wonders in a monogamous relationship. So if your boyfriend or husband is too busy and late, play this little jealousy trick and make them appreciate you again. You can start by talking to someone or smiling in a message to get their reaction. However, jealousy can be a double-edged sword, and if you don’t play it safe, things can get out of hand. So, take smart steps.

Jealousy is a primal instinct in us. This is one of the strongest feelings in a relationship. Even the most romantic couple can feel jealous, even if they don’t express it clearly. Sometimes, you may feel that there is no spark in your relationship. You may want to prank your partner to get back lost love or affection.

How To Make Him Want You Even More

However, making your man jealous can be a dangerous game. If you play correctly, you can win, but if this tactic is used consistently, you can eventually push your partner away.

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Always remember to put yourself in your partner’s shoes before playing. If you feel that you are doing something that can damage your relationship, stop immediately and take a step back.

We have listed some ways to make your man jealous. Some are evil, some are beautiful, and some are evil. Hopefully these tips will help you win him back and rediscover the magic of romance in your relationship.

Men feel jealous when their girls go out with the gang. They don’t know what’s going on in this trip because they’re not with you and like to spy. This makes them feel insecure. Dress up in sexy clothes and have a night out with your friends. Do not answer the phone immediately. Answer after 3-4 calls, talk to him briefly. Continue the call to tell him that you have a great time without him.

You don’t need a special occasion to dress up, apply makeup, or do your hair. Take some time for yourself and wear sexy clothes. If you don’t have any in your wardrobe, go shopping and buy clothes that you don’t normally wear. Your partner will notice the change and feel curious. He will feel curious and can try to find the reason behind the change, try not to explain too much. Bring the mystery to life by giving her a charming smile. Your enigmatic smile exudes confidence and can make him jealous and second guess him.

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Ignoring him can attract his attention. Avoid texting or calling him. If you get a text from him, don’t reply right away. Instead, you can text him from time to time. Likewise, ignore the call several times before answering. Let him know that you have your own life and that you really enjoy spending time with other people. You can be active on social media. He will start chasing you and giving you his full attention. However, do not ignore him for a long time.

Update your social media status stories with what you’re up to, showing that you’re busy and having fun.

Even if it’s his best friend, laughing at his jokes doesn’t go well with your partner. If he’s someone who likes to be the funniest guy in the room, he might feel jealous from laughing at his friends’ jokes.

Engage in dangerous flirting with your partner. If you flirt lightly with a man he does not know, it can make him heartburn. The other person could be a stranger or your co-worker. Deliberately start a conversation with this person when you know your partner is watching, you can even do light flirting like laughing out loud or lightly brushing your hand over the person’s arm.

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Start posting pictures of you and your friends doing crazy and fun things. Show your man how popular you are among your friends. Show that life can be interesting even without him. The idea is to make him miss your attention and see you giving it to someone else. Be active on social media to let your partner know where you are, but sometimes hide the details. Be prepared for lots of love and attention when you return.

Male friends can make your girlfriend or husband feel insecure. If you always communicate with your male friend, your partner will try hard to get you closer to him. But you have to know where to draw the line.

You don’t have to hold your partner’s hand all the time. In social gatherings, play hard to get along with other friends at the party with confidence and poise. Let your partner wait for your attention while you have fun with your acquaintances. If your partner is not available to you for some time, this will make him jealous to realize his mistake and draw attention to you.

Men usually feel protective of their women and try to control the situation. To make them jealous, you need to show that you are independent. Do the little things yourself, don’t rely on him. For example, you can get help from your friends when moving house. Your man may resent you for not asking for his help.

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When going out with your partner, focus on well-dressed men. Talk for a while about fashion or how to dress well. This will be enough to trigger that jealous instinct.

If someone at work is flirting with you or you’re getting attention from someone you met online, make sure you mention it to your partner. This will make him jealous and trigger a protective instinct in him.

As teenagers, we all had celebrity crushes at some point. If you want to get his attention, talk about your teenage dream of marrying your favorite celebrity. He can tell that he doesn’t like your popularity.

Talk about your childhood friends and the good times you had. He might be jealous that you had a good time before your man came into your life.

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You can catch up with a friend you haven’t seen for a long time and send him a photo of the two of you.

Flirting is a game that both can play. If you flirt with other men, chances are your man will be too. Show him that you are not really worried about him by ignoring his flirting. If there was, it would make him wonder why.

When discussing something with your partner, especially if he has initiated the conversation, get up and leave before the conversation ends. The moment your stupid feels that you are not interested in what he said, he will feel jealous.

If you want to make your man jealous, ask your best friend to talk to your partner about how popular you are in your circle. You need to plan this carefully so it doesn’t look contrived or unnatural. Tell your friend to relax into the conversation and watch your partner’s reaction.

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If your man is known for making last-minute plans and wants to play with you, let him know once and for all that you won’t. Make some amazing plans for yourself, or if you don’t want to do that, tell him you have plans for the day and give me the time I deserve. However, don’t automatically agree to his plans, this will make him wonder why you didn’t come with him. This will have two results. One, he stops announcing things at the last minute and expects you to follow through. Two, he’ll be jealous of your “plan” because he’ll never be sure what you’d do without him.

Try to spend time away from him by picking up a new hobby. If you suddenly start doing your hobby, he may be jealous. Maybe you have something important to do that will make him want to spend more time with you.

Stop giving in to his requests. Say you’re tired or not feeling well. This will trigger jealousy and he will not understand why you refuse sex. He will try to keep you close to him by covering you with love and attention.

If your boyfriend or husband is used to buying you gifts, it’s time for you to take control of things. Go shopping and buy something you want with your money. If you’re in the mood, get her too. When you

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