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As humans, we all crave attention and affection from the people we care about. Sometimes, it can be discouraging when we feel like our significant other isn’t giving us the attention we desire. If you’re feeling that way, then it’s time to make him miss you.

Texting is an essential tool in any relationship, and it can be used to ignite a spark of love in your partner’s heart. Here are some tips on how to make him miss you text.

1. Space out your texts

If you’re texting your significant other constantly throughout the day, he may become used to having you around all the time, and miss out on missing you. Give him some space by spacing out your texts and not responding immediately to his messages.

By taking breaks between your messages, he’ll begin to realize how much he misses talking with you when he doesn’t receive a message from you immediately.

2. Send romantic texts

Romantic texts work like magic when it comes to making someone miss you. Send him sweet messages telling him how much he means to you or reminisce about a fond memory that the two of you shared together.

With romantic texts, there is no need for explicit or overly sexual language; instead, use words that show appreciation for him as a person.

3. Be unpredictable

Monotony kills romance like nothing else; therefore, switch things up by sending unpredictable texts randomly throughout the day. Instead of texting the usual “Good morning” or “How was your day,” try sending something different such as “I just saw something that reminded me of us” or “I’m thinking about our last date night.”

By being unpredictable in your text message approach, he will begin anticipating your next text message and missing hearing from you whenever they don’t come.

4. Make yourself unavailable

One of the most effective ways of making someone miss you is by making yourself unavailable sometimes. Don’t always be the one to initiate conversations. Take breaks and step away from your phone occasionally.

Doing this will make him realize how much he misses you when you’re not around, and he’ll be even more thrilled to see your texts and hear your voice when you do respond.

In conclusion, texting is an excellent way to ignite or re-ignite a spark in any relationship. Use these tips on how to make him miss you text to keep things exciting, fresh, and full of love with your significant other.

12 Ways to Make Him Miss You Like Crazy over Text (with Examples) – wikiHow

Leave a little up to the imagination; it’s sure to make him want you even more. He’ll be so excited to see you , he’ll be counting down the minutes until you can get together again. [4] “Just imagine what we’d be doing if we were together right now 😘”. “🥵 I’m getting turned on just thinking about you !”.

51 Perfect Text Messages That Will Make Him Smile and Miss You More

MORE: 15 Ways To Make Him Miss You Like Crazy. ” You never fail to amaze me with how perfect you are.”. “I’m so proud of you .”. “I can’t remember a life before you , and I wouldn’t want too, you light up my life like nobody else.”. “If you wanna stop by my house tonight I’ll make it worth the journey.”. “Forever still …

6 High Value Ways To Make ANY Man Miss You Through Text

Here are the steps you need to take if you want to make him miss you through text : Create positive associations through texting. Create conversation momentum (and closeness) through playful banter. Focus on building attraction and connection through text so he falls in love. Remember: distance makes the heart grow fonder. Be valuable.

How To Make Him Miss You Over Text (Complete Guide) – Body Language Matters

Quick List Of Ways To Make Him Miss You . Stop texting him altogether. Make him wait for your text message. End the conversation first. Send him text messages that lead his thoughts. Be more romantic in your text messages. Leave him craving for more.

75+ Texts to Make Him Miss You (For Long Distance Relationships)

Flirty texts like these are great for when you want something with some personality. Sending him these texts will make him laugh or push him to make plans with you . “Just wanted to drop in and remind you how cute you are.”. “I feel like you must have bought a one-way ticket to my heart.”.

How To Make Him Miss You Through Text? (Fully Explained)

3. Remember: Distance Makes the Heart Grow Fonder. It’s important to remember that distance makes the heart grow fonder. So don’t be afraid to take a step back and reduce the frequency of your messages. This will create a sense of anticipation and make him miss you more.

7 Genius Ways To Make Him Miss You Through Text

Send a funny video that reminds you both of a funny moment you shared. Send a memory of a time you were together or a place you visited; and. Taking the time to think of something special to send him will help him miss you , especially if it is something that he cannot find or doesn’t know how to find himself. #6.

55 Irresistible Texts To Make Him Miss You –

And your man is no exception. So, here are a few texts you can send him that will elicit positive praise from him . 1. “I was driving by the beach where you taught me to surf. I adore how entertaining you are!”. 2. “You’re incredibly charming.”. Just thinking about you makes me happy.”. 3.

101 Text Messages to Make Him Obsess Over You – Connection CoPilot

Use any of the following texts to make him feel as giddy as a boy with his first-ever crush. We promise they’re all satisfyingly sweet. “I haven’t been able to stop thinking about you all day.”. “I can’t wait until the time comes when I can wake up next to you every day.”.

20 Simple Ways To Make A Guy Miss You –

18. Show him that he’s not the only one in line. Have “accidental” encounters with him when you are with your male friend. Try to make him jealous by showing how close you are to this male friend. But play this safe – the goal here is to only make a guy miss you , not bring out his aggressive streak or push him away.

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