how to make him miss you by not texting him

As women, we often believe that the best way to keep a man interested is by constantly texting and checking up on him. However, sometimes less can be more and giving him space can actually make him miss you more. Here are some tips on how to make him miss you by not texting him:

1. Focus on yourself

Instead of spending all your free time on your phone, focus on yourself and your own personal growth. Take up a new hobby or focus on a fitness goal. When you’re happy with yourself and enjoying your life, it will naturally make you more attractive to others.

2. Be busy

Don’t always be available at his beck and call. Have a full schedule with friends, family, work commitments, or anything else that interests you. When he realizes that he can’t have your attention all the time, it will make him value the time that he does have with you even more.

3. Give genuine compliments

Rather than constantly seeking validation from him through text messages, give genuine compliments when you do see each other in person. Letting him know how much you appreciate his company or how much fun you had the last time you hung out will leave him wanting more.

4. Use social media sparingly

Whilst social media is a great way to connect with people who are important to us but don’t overdo it as well. If your every move appears online then there’ll be nothing left for the imagination of whether or not what things were done without them.
Social media has given us easy access to our loved ones’ lives but It’s okay to take breaks from posting every detail of your life online which makes them question what’s going on in yours offline.

5. Limit texting conversations

Texting is convenient but it lacks many components of face-to-face communication which creates emotional connections between people.Taking an extra hour before replying back makes them anticipate and feel excited about when they actually will hear back from you which in turn, will make him miss you more.

In conclusion, giving a man space instead of constantly texting him can create tension and excitement in the relationship that can bring it to a whole new level. Focus on yourself, be busy, give genuine compliments, use social media sparingly and limit texting conversations to keep him wanting more.

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