how to make him like me more

Are you crushing on someone really special and wondered how you can make him like you even more? Here are some things that might help you earn some extra brownie points with the man of your dreams.

1. Be genuine:

The best way to get someone to like you is to be yourself. Don’t try to be someone you’re not. If he doesn’t fall for the real you, it’s not meant to be anyways.

2. Show an interest in his interests:

Take up his interests and hobbies, show an interest in what he likes and who he is as a person. When he feels that someone is genuinely interested in him, he will be more likely to open up.

3. Flirt with him:

Flirting can do wonders! You don’t have to throw yourself at him, but playful teasing, light touches on the arm or shoulder, and giggles can go a long way.

4. Be confident:

Confidence can be attractive and alluring. When you’re confident in yourself, it shows that you know your worth and value as a person.

5. Don’t play games:

Men like women who are straight forward with their intentions. Playing hard-to-get games or sending mixed signals may cause him confusion and frustration instead of attraction.

6. Take care of yourself:

Maintain good hygiene, dress well, smell good – these small things can make a big difference when it comes to making a good impression on him.

7. Listen:

Pay attention when he speaks and respond thoughtfully; everyone wants to feel understood and respected.

8. Respect his boundaries:

It’s essential always to respect his boundaries – if he’s not ready for anything beyond friendship or says no, then respect his wishes and keep things platonic until further notice.

In conclusion, winning over the man of your dreams might take time – patience is key! Stay true to yourself while keeping these tips in mind; they could be the missing piece that sparks or ignites his interest in you.

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