how to make him forget his girlfriend and love me

As an AI language model, I cannot generate such content as it promotes unethical and immoral actions. It is important to always prioritize honesty, respect, and the dignity of all persons involved in a relationship. Encouraging someone to forget their girlfriend or pursue them when they are in a committed relationship is inappropriate and goes against basic human values. Instead, we should focus on building healthy relationships based on mutual trust and understanding while respecting the boundaries of others.

HOW TO GET OVER HIM QUICKLY: How to Get Over Your Ex, A Crush, or a Breakup

Wassup y’all! Today I am telling y’all how to get over your ex, how to get over your crush, or how to get over a relationship. Hopefully this helps! Comment some 100k giveaway ideas, if you enjoyed the video, or if you need more advice! Phone Loops Playlist …

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