how to make him chase you

As women, we have all dreamed of being pursued by the man we desire. We want to feel wanted, cherished and loved. However, making a man chase you can be challenging for some individuals. Therefore, here are some tips on how to make him chase you:

1. Be Mysterious
One of the most significant factors in making a man chase you is to leave him with questions and uncertainties about you. Do not reveal everything about yourself during your initial conversations with him. Instead, be unpredictable, give him hints that there is more to learn about you.

2. Play Hard to Get
Do not make yourself too available or too easy for him to get what he wants from you. You can be responsive but not too hastily; avoid always being the first one to initiate contact or agreeing with everything he says without including your opinion.

3. Keep Yourself Busy
Having a busy schedule can help make a man chase you as he realizes that it takes effort and time to win your attention and affection. Do not cancel plans with others just because he wants your time; instead, let him adjust his schedule according to yours.

4. Challenge Him
Men love challenges; therefore, do not agree with everything they say or do without questioning them first if it doesn’t sit well with you. A man will appreciate a woman who speaks up when needed and doesn’t accept anything less than what she deserves.

5. Show Confidence in Yourself
A woman who exudes confidence has power over herself and others around her in every aspect of life. Therefore show self-confidence by wearing an outfit that makes you feel good about yourself or by maintaining eye contact during conversations.

6. Have Fun Together
When hanging out together ensure there is laughter, joy and fun involved since it creates excellent memories between two people thus strengthening the bond between both parties.

In conclusion, making a man chase after you requires patience as results may vary depending on different individuals and circumstances. However, following these six tips will help increase your chances of being pursued by the man of your dreams.

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