how to make him admit that he loves me

As an AI language model, I am programmed to provide helpful and informative content to our readers. However, I must note that forcing anyone to admit their feelings is not advisable. Love is a powerful emotion that cannot be coerced or manipulated. Healthy relationships are built on open communication and mutual respect.

That being said, it’s normal to want to know how someone feels about you if you have strong feelings for them. Here are some tips that may help you encourage your crush to express their love for you:

1. Build Trust

Trust is the foundation of all healthy relationships, including romantic ones. It takes time and effort to build trust with someone, but it’s worth it. The more trustworthy and dependable you are, the more likely your crush will feel safe enough to share their feelings with you.

2. Communicate Effectively

Communication is key in any relationship. If you want your crush to open up, make sure they feel comfortable talking with you. Be a good listener and ask thoughtful questions about their life, interests, and goals.

3. Show Your Interest

Sometimes people need a little encouragement when it comes to expressing their feelings. If your crush isn’t sure how you feel about them, they may be hesitant to share their own emotions. Let them know that you care by spending time with them, planning thoughtful dates or surprises.

4.Be Vulnerable

Being vulnerable around someone means sharing personal stories or experiences that require trust and courage on the part of both individuals involved in a relationship.Try opening up about your own feelings first — this could help break down walls between the two of you.


Sometimes love takes time.Expecting someone else’s emotions are readily available as yours’is unrealistic.Have patience.It might take some time for them to realize how much they care about you.Sometimes emotional resistance can come from past hurt or fear of vulnerability.Be patient,give them space and let things happen organically.

In conclusion, while it’s not advisable to force someone to admit their love, there are ways to encourage honesty and vulnerability in a relationship. Building trust, effective communication, showing interest in them, being vulnerable, and patience can all help foster a healthy and loving connection between you and your crush.

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