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How To Make A Customer Feel Special

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How To Make A Customer Feel Special – 3 first impressions “Most of us make a quick first impression. Often we decide whether we like people, feel good about ourselves or want to do business with them in the first seconds of contact. Ron Willingham, author of “Hey, I’m the Customer” Disclaimer: All characters in this video are fictional and are not intended to categorize cultures. video

4 To build a relationship with a customer, you must first greet them in a way that makes them feel welcome and comfortable. Welcome customers within the first 10 seconds. Greetings consist of: Acknowledging the customer’s presence Project a professional and friendly image Create an opening for discussion Be reassuring, but not intrusive Include the entire shopping part

How To Make A Customer Feel Special

Don’t make the customer wait too long for your attention. 30 to 40 seconds of waiting equals 3 to 4 minutes for a customer. Make eye contact as soon as possible. Use thoughtful gestures to buy a customer a few extra minutes of patience. You can always ask another employee to help the new customer. Never leave a customer unattended.

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Looking professional is about more than how you dress, it’s also about acting alert and polite. Choose clothes that match your store’s dress code. Show the customer that you are genuinely interested in serving them. A smile is a direct way to show that you are interested and friendly. Greet each new customer in a natural and relaxed way.

Never ask if you can help a customer, it leads to a dead end answer. (definitions and examples) Observe the customer for cues to start a conversation. When the client feels that you understand their interests, they will ask for your help.

* 7/16/96 4 – Be reassuring, not pushy Be sure to listen to the client’s personality when using humor. Don’t overstep the mark with a shy or outgoing client. You want the customer to feel comfortable rather than putting them off with too much attention too soon. Give only honest and sincere comments. Be responsive and think in terms of steps to getting to know someone, rather than achieving an instant friendship. Comments like “It looks great on you” and It’s a very good value” – make sure these comments are honest and sincere.*

*7/16/96 Don’t hover over your customers to make them feel suffocated. “That’s our top-of-the-line grinder you’re looking at.” A more subtle approach accomplishes 3 things. You complimented the customer’s taste. You have assured the customer that he is the expert. You have demonstrated your own knowledge of valuable purchases. If a client refuses your offer of help, back off, they may think you’re being too aggressive. Do not disappear from the sales floor, he may need your help and may not be able to find you. *

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*7/16/96 5 – Include the entire shopping party Provide good service to everyone who goes to the party. Offer a chair to an elderly person at the party. Offer coffee, a newspaper or a magazine to others in the party. Make a positive comment or provide something that will calm a difficult child. Be sure to show that you want to help in any way you can. Use good judgement, your involvement may not always be welcomed by the “shopping party”. Be responsive and think in terms of steps to getting to know someone, rather than achieving an instant friendship. Comments like ‘It looks good on you’ and it’s very good value for money’ – make sure these comments are honest and sincere. Trade partners may not appreciate your commitment if scolding a child is two buyers opposing a purchase. *

What happened/how did you feel? What would you do differently as a seller? How soon after entering the store did a salesperson contact you? How did the salesperson greet you? What did he say ? Did the salesperson try to talk you down? If so, how? What, if anything, did he say to you to compliment your taste or make you feel like an expert? What, if anything, did the salesperson say to make sure they understood your needs? Did you feel comfortable with the way you were a salesperson? Why or why not?

* 07/16/96 Build Customer Loyalty Build a good relationship with a customer by greeting them in a friendly manner to keep them coming back again and again. Earn customers’ trust by meeting their needs and providing them with good information. 45% of customers say they are likely to spend more money if the salesperson is helpful. 18% of customers will leave the store if they don’t like the seller’s attitude. Give your business card so they can ask for your name next time (or write your name on your receipt)*

Being observant Determining a customer’s needs Keeping the lines of communication open Tailoring products to the customer Suggesting alternatives Knowing when to refer a customer elsewhere

Ways To Make A Customer Feel Important

15 Be observant How customers react to your greeting can tell you if they are in a hurry, have a specific need or have other priorities. Does the customer constantly check the price tags? Does the customer scan the area and look above the merchandise rather than directly at it? Is the customer looking for the store clock? Does the customer have difficulty choosing between similar goods?

16 You are the detective Before you just ask “can I help you?” observe customers’ actions for clues about their needs and wants. Complete the worksheet by choosing an answer that can help you get more than a “no, I’m just looking” comment from the customer.

17 * 7/16/96 ENCOURAGES CONVERSATION What response can help you get more than a “no, I’m just looking” comment from your client? Customer Sales Associate ___The customer picks up each item from a certain rack and seemingly compares the item to each other. A. Say “I’m sorry you didn’t find what you were looking for…maybe I can help you?” ___A man casually browses and picks up items that might be intended for a woman. Comment “We just got these – aren’t they adorable?” ___The customer goes directly to a display, looks briefly, and then starts to leave the store. Say “Can I help you with a return or exchange?” ___The client continues to pick up and put down the same item, seemingly unable to make a decision. D. Comment “Looks like you’re thinking about a gift – is there a special occasion?” ___The customer walks in with a shopping bag from your store, goes straight to a certain display and starts looking for something. E. Comment “Let me know if you need help finding something.” ___The customer picks up a basket, pulls out a shopping list and begins to slowly move up and down each aisle. Say “You seem undecided… have you ever used this product?” » Don’t disappear from the sales floor, he may need your help and may not be able to find you. A B C D E F *

In a hurry……………….. Browse………………… Check price tags….. Scan area……. Looking for a watch……Hard to decide……. Provide fast, efficient service Provide service but allow space Promote promotions Provide directions Offer help finding items Ask questions and then give advice

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Your job as a salesperson is to satisfy the customer. You can become adept at anticipating customer needs by gathering information about the customer in two ways: 1. through careful observation 2. by asking thoughtful questions

The right questions help you understand why they buy. Ask questions that encourage conversation. Who How When What Why Where

Who do you shop for? Who has told you about our store? What brings you to the store today? What is the special occasion? Where have you seen one before? Where will it be used? When is the special occasion? When did you decide you wanted one? How did you hear about us? How long have you bought one? Why this particular model or brand?

24 * 7/16/96 Open Doors with Open Questions Compare examples of dead ends and open questions. Turn the last examples of dead ends into open questions. Dead End Open-Ended Can I Help You? How can I help you? Do you like red or green? What color do you prefer? Is this the brand you want? Why do you prefer this brand? Is it for you or is it a gift? Who do you shop for? Did you want a full skirt? What style of skirt did you want? Want predefined commands? Which features are important to you? Is it for a special occasion? What is the special occasion? Looking for something in particular? What are you looking for? Have you seen our coupon campaigns? Do you like 100% cotton? Prefer to do it yourself? Is that all for you today? Have you read this author before? Do not disappear from the sales floor, he may need your help and may not be able to find you. What brings you to our store today? What does the content of the fabric mean

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