how to keep last name after marriage

As the saying goes, “A woman’s identity shouldn’t be taken away after marriage”. Many women today choose to keep their last names after getting married. While there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to this, there are certain steps one can take to keep their last name after marriage.

1. Discuss it with your partner

The first step is to have an open and honest conversation with your partner about your decision to keep your last name. This will help avoid any confusion or misunderstandings in the future.

2. Legalize your decision

Once you have discussed it with your partner and made a decision, you need to legalize it. You can do this by adding a clause in the marriage certificate. In some states/countries, women automatically retain their maiden name after marriage unless they choose otherwise.

3. Notify relevant institutions

After legalizing your decision, you need to notify relevant institutions such as banks, employer Human Resource departments, insurance companies e.t.c of the new development.

4. Use etiquette

Using proper etiquette when introducing yourself as a married woman who has decided to keep her last name is very important as well. For instance; “I’m Jane Doe-Simmons” or “Jane Simmons (nee Doe)”. This way people will know that you’re still acknowledging that you’re married but also respect the identity that came with it.

5. Respect other’s choices too

Just because someone chooses not to keep their last name doesn’t mean they’re wrong or less progressive than those who do keep theirs. Always respect others’ choices just as you expect them to respect yours.

In conclusion, keeping one’s last name after marriage has become more of an acceptable practice in society today than ever before; therefore if this is something that’s important for you then don’t hesitate! Taking these steps will ensure that your identity remains intact even after tying the knot in holy matrimony!

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