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How To Keep Conversation Going With A Guy Over Text

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How To Keep Conversation Going With A Guy Over Text – Your mind is empty when you think about things to talk to a person – and especially a person.

Good thing this list of posts gives you tons of ideas on what to talk about with a guy whose company and conversation you enjoy.

How To Keep Conversation Going With A Guy Over Text

Being human and all – and having different interests like any other gender – men can find many things to talk about.

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The more you know about his interests, the longer the conversation can last (depending on your short-term goals).

The list of questions below can help you get useful information about what’s most important to him, which likely falls into the following categories:

Now that you know how to identify the best topics to talk to people about, enjoy the following list of ideas. Keep track of the ones that matter to you.

1. Start with a genuine compliment. Maybe it’s best not to get cold in his eyes or muscles. Focus on qualities you sincerely admire.

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2. Ask about his hobbies. What does he like to do in his spare time and why? Has he created something to be proud of?

3. Talk about your hobbies or passions. If he asks, don’t worry about whether your favorite activities match his. Be honest about what you love.

4 Play a game of 20 questions. Prepare a list of questions in advance using what you know so far. And be prepared to give your own answers.

5. Ask about his favorite movies or TV series. What was the last thing he saw? What is the best movie he has seen in the last one year?

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6. Ask for her opinion about the perfect date. What will they spoil for him? Or what will be his backup plan?

7. Ask about his long-term plans. What does he want to do, and what is his plan to get closer to it?

8. Talk about your plans. If he asks, tell him what you’re working on and where you want to be in five or ten years.

9. Talk about your career. Is he doing what he needs to do? What have you tried so far that didn’t work? What does he have?

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10. Talk about your career. If he asks, be honest about where you are and where you want to be with your career goals.

11. Talk about achievements or successes. What has he done that he is most proud of? Which of your accomplishments is most important to you?

12. Ask about essential life lessons he has learned. How did his perspective change over the years as he grew up and lived? What lessons stand out for him?

13. Talk about his past crushes – how they started and what they led to. Be prepared to answer this question yourself if he asks.

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14. Talk about a celebrity crush, if she ever had one. This works best if you have your own celebrity crush to share.

15. Talk about her favorite food. This is a good time to learn about strong dislikes, allergies, and dietary restrictions. Also, is cooking together in your future?

16. Ask him where he likes to travel. If he could go anywhere in the world (and money was no object), where would he go, and why?

17. What qualities does he see first in a woman? What does he find most attractive? What makes him want to learn more?

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18. What is he reading lately? What books did you both like? Do you want to ask him for recommendations yourself?

19. Suggest an activity for you to try together – whether or not one (or both) of you has done it before. What interested him?

20. Talk about music. What does he usually listen to? What are his favorite singers or groups? What concert did he like to attend?

21. Does he like animals? Does he have pets, or does he have allergies? Being good with animals is more important than having a pet.

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22. Ask about his friends and family. Who are the most important people in his life? Does he see them often?

23. Ask if he has a favorite game or sports. What sports does he enjoy playing or watching (or both)? Does he like board or card games?

24. What was his childhood like? What was it like for him growing up? What are her happiest memories? If it is possible, what would change?

25. Ask how he usually spends his weekend? Do you attend religious services? Does he go climbing, scuba diving, surfing, etc.? What does he do to relax?

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26. Is it on social media – and, if so, where? What are his favorite channels, and what does he like about them?

27. What does he see in front of you both? Do you see it together? Or does he see the two of you separately as a friendly acquaintance?

28. What have you learned about romantic relationships over the years? What have past relationships taught him that he thinks is worth remembering?

29. Talk about the current status of your relationship. How would you describe your relationship and where is it going? What hope does he have?

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30. Talk about religion. What role does religion play in his life (if any)? How important is it to your parents? What beliefs do you have in common?

31. What is his greatest fear? And what about you? What keeps one of you up at night? And how do you deal with those fears?

32. Discuss current events. What is happening in the world that affects him the most? Does he like to discuss politics, or prefer to avoid it?

33. Ask him to describe a perfect day. How do you start? What does he do to make the day meaningful and enjoyable? How does it end?

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34. Share a joke. Tread lightly with the wordplay until you know his likes and dislikes. Avoid anything potentially offensive. Ask him to share a joke

35. Ask her about her biggest dealbreakers in the relationship. It can be fun or serious. What line do you expect friends and lovers to never cross?

36. Talk about pet peeves. What makes him bat? Have a coworker or roommate who is constantly pushing your buttons?

37. Ask specifically about his grandmother. This conversation can end quickly if he doesn’t have a solid relationship with his family. But it is a bit different and unique than asking about parents and siblings. Be sensitive. If they don’t want to talk about them, don’t push.

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38. Ask about his perfect vacation. How old was he? Why did he like it so much? If you have a similar experience, share it to spark a back and forth.

39. Ask about her cooking skills. Is it better with a skillet, or is boiling water a stretch?

40. Talk about surgery. Has she ever had major surgery? How old was he? Was it planned or emergency?

41. Ask her about her favorite reality show. It’s hard to find a person who hasn’t watched at least one guilty pleasure reality show. Try to tease your favorite.

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42. Play a game of “Never Never”. This is a great way to break the ice.

43. Ask about his addictions. Is it straight edge, “California calm,” or does it practice freely? (For readers over 21, obviously)

44. Ask where you stand on the great Coke vs. Pepsi debate. What about Sprite vs 7-Up vs Mountain Dew?

45. Talk about phone habits. Turn it off at night? How about being on a date?

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50. Where does he see himself on the scale of social hierarchy? Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Sigma? If he doesn’t believe in that, why talk?

Sometimes it’s easier to think about broad topics rather than specific questions. After all, the conversation takes its own course. So let’s explore some topics to talk about with men.

TV shows and media are fun and safe topics. Few people take offense if you don’t like the same show or have different opinions about the characters. In general, it’s fun to discuss a program you both like with others.

If you are a sports fan, start that topic. Ask about his favorite sports, teams, and all-time greats. Chat about memorable games, matches, or races.

Things To Talk About With A Guy To Keep The Conversation Going

But here’s a bit of advice: If you don’t enjoy sports, don’t pretend you do. Many fake women; In the end, it will make you bored and unhappy. It’s okay not to enjoy sports. Heck, most men don’t either!

Music and art have the power to move people, and people who are passionate about them love to talk shop.

Conversations about music, art, and other creative topics can reveal a lot about a person’s heart and soul. It’s also a good barometer of whether you’re okay (if romance is on the menu).

Discussing politics, worldviews, and philosophies can be fun or crazy, depending on whether the person you’re talking to has similar views or whether you can both argue without escalating things.

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However, getting a feel for another person’s thoughts is a great way to get to know them because it reveals a lot about how they see the world.

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