how to keep a long marriage alive

Marriage is a beautiful bond that two people share. It is a promise made to spend one’s life with someone they love. However, maintaining a healthy marriage can be challenging, and it requires constant effort from both parties. In this article, we will explore some ways on how to keep a long marriage alive.

1. Communication

Communication is the key to any successful relationship, and it’s even more critical in marriages. As time passes by, couples may become comfortable with each other and start taking each other for granted. This can lead to misunderstandings, arguments and resentment.

To avoid these issues, it’s crucial to communicate effectively with your partner. This means talking about your thoughts, feelings and opinions honestly and openly without fear of judgment or retribution. Active listening skills are also necessary to understand your partner’s perspective.

2. Spend quality time together

In today’s fast-paced world where everyone is busy with their lives, taking out time for one’s spouse can be challenging but it is important to maintain the spark in a marriage.

Spending quality time together builds emotional intimacy between partners which keeps the marriage strong. Going out for dates or doing activities that you both enjoy such as traveling or watching movies strengthens the bond that couples share.

3. Respect differences

No two individuals are alike; there will always be differences in opinions or likes and dislikes between partners in any given relationship including marriage.

Respecting each other’s individuality shows appreciation for what makes your partner unique while improving communication by preventing misunderstandings through open discussion surrounding differences.

4. Forgiveness

Forgiveness does not necessarily mean that the other person’s behaviour was acceptable but rather indicates an understanding of how difficult situations can arise within relationships.

Learning forgiveness increases emotional resilience which strengthens marriages against future strains on their relationships whether stressors arise from health issues or external circumstances beyond one’s control such as job loss or financial challenges within the household etcetera .


Flexibility is the key to any successful marriage. Marriage requires adjusting to each other’s needs and adapting to change. When both partners are open to change, and they can work together instead of against each other, their marriages thrive even in challenging times.

In conclusion, a long-lasting marriage requires consistent effort and commitment from both partners. It involves effective communication, quality time spent together, respecting differences without judgement or retribution when addressing them with one another; forgiveness for past wrongs committed by either party, and willingness to evolve from internal conflict as individuals adapt over time due external factors affecting them such as career changes or family circumstances beyond their control. These steps will ensure a long-lasting, strong bond between two people in love forevermore!

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