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How To Get Him Back After Cheating

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How To Get Him Back After Cheating – Are you thinking, “Will my ex ever come back to me?” If you are, then I have good news and bad news for you. The good news is that after coaching my clients for over a decade, I can tell you with certainty that exes get back together with their former lovers. In fact, I have […]

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How To Get Him Back After Cheating

Thinking about writing a letter to your ex? If so, I hope you stick with that idea for now, because writing a letter to your ex might drive your ex even further away from you. So before you go ahead and write that letter, think about […]

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If your ex leaves you for someone else, it is understandably one of the most painful experiences. The person may have said something like: I love you. I will never leave you. For me you are the only person in this world. I can’t imagine being with someone […]

Have you ever wondered, “Will I ever hear from my ex again?” If you have, you are not alone. In fact, it’s one of the most pressing questions my coaching clients ask me. And I know you want to hear a clear answer like “yes” or “no”. However, this is not […]

If you’ve been wondering what the stages of a breakup are and what your ex was thinking at each stage… you might also be wondering what stage you’re in right now and if you still have a chance to get your eg back. There are 5 stages in total […] If you cheated on your boyfriend and your boyfriend broke up with you, the first thing you need to do is find out why you cheated on your boyfriend.

Did you cheat because the relationship had been broken for weeks/months, or because you took your boyfriend’s commitment for granted and wanted something else?

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Figuring out why you cheated will help you understand whether you love your ex or whether you think you did it because he dumped you and triggered your separation anxiety.

When trying to understand exactly how you feel about your ex, remember that your ex probably didn’t break up with you because he didn’t love you. He broke up with you because he does not tolerate cheating and sees it as outright betrayal. The ultimate deal breaker.

This means that your ex may still have some feelings for you (especially if he forced himself to break up with you). But even then, you shouldn’t ask him to give him another chance.

Instead of impulsively asking your ex for attention and showing you an ugly side, approach cheating differently. Say you’re really sorry for cheating, you know you hurt him a lot, but you don’t want to insist on getting back together.

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Let’s say you have some personal issues to work out and you want to give him some space to deal with the cheating.

Giving your ex time probably won’t get your ex back (nor will a massive apology), but it will at least preserve your dignity and give your ex what he needs – plenty of time and space to think.

I know you are really upset about cheating and you don’t want to lose your ex forever, but you have to understand that a person with good self-love, self-esteem and emotional strength will not tolerate cheating.

Sure, some people will forgive an affair on the spot and give their partner another chance, but most of those who do, don’t forgive out of love. They forgive for lack of self-love and overdependence on their partner.

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That’s what I hope you can understand. It may be hard to accept that your relationship is over now, but your ex may not be able to forgive you for cheating.

He may have thought that you are not right for him and kept you at a distance to protect himself from more harm.

Keep this in mind so you don’t cling to your ex for longer than you need to.

If you cheated on your boyfriend and accidentally triggered a breakup, your boyfriend or rather your ex-boyfriend left you because he couldn’t see a future with you. Cheating makes him lose interest in you and forces him to prioritize himself and those who are still loyal to him.

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This means that your ex is emotionally and intellectually detached from you and focused on yourself (for self-love) and close to others (for distraction and/or validation).

Your ex may still miss parts of you and have days where he struggles, but if he doesn’t talk to you or show signs of romance, he will stand by his decision because he doesn’t think he can trust you again and love you. He thinks it is risky to return to you because many cheaters tend to cheat again and are not trustworthy.

So before you try to win him back after cheating on him, know that your ex has stopped investing in the relationship and planning for the future – your ex needs some time to himself before he can invest in you again.

If your ex is still trying to force him to be with you after cheating, you’re likely to come off as selfish, disregard your ex’s need for self-preservation, and do more harm than good.

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So try to accept the fact that the affair has affected your ex badly and that the relationship may not be repairable.

Now that you have cheated on your girlfriend and you want to make up for your mistakes, start by apologizing honestly. Don’t write a 5-page break-up letter or make any big moves, but say you’re sorry you cheated because of a lack of gratitude and self-control.

Then tell your ex that you still have a lot going on and that you’ve started working hard to make sure you don’t cheat again in the future.

Avoid mentioning that you are improving yourself to your ex, as this will stress your ex and raise his defenses. Instead, just say that your next relationship will be stronger because of your reckless behavior, and you hope that one day you and your ex can make peace.

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This will communicate to your ex that you are letting him go and trying to be the best version of yourself.

Of course, words are words, and your ex may not immediately think you mean it. But stick with the self-improvement plan long enough, and one day your ex will see that you actually learned from the ordeal.

Your ex may notice that you are no longer the same person and as a result may even be willing to talk to you and spend time with you.

No one knows how your ex will feel about your infidelity weeks, months or even years later, but chances are your ex will get over the deception and connect with you as a friend or partner.

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Until then, give your ex as much time as possible so he can go through the breakup phase naturally and reach out to you when he’s ready.

You have to let him handle the affair on his own because your ex has broken up with you and is in a position of power. He feels victimized (and has reason to believe so).

On the other hand, you lack power and control and need to pull away so you can mend your wounds, grow within, and regain lost strength.

Even if you cheated on your ex and it caused him to break up with you, don’t keep staring at your ex. Obsessing over your ex and stalking him on social media to see if he’s dating a new, won’t change how your ex feels.

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But it will change your (worst case scenario) because it will be a constant reminder that you cheated on your boyfriend and lost him due to lack of commitment and investment in yourself.

To avoid self-blame and unnecessary pain, unfollow your ex on social media or temporarily delete your online profile. Do this because not knowing what your ex is up to and who he is with will cut you off to the point where you can function on your own – independent of your ex.

It may not heal your breakup right away, as it takes time to get over it, but it will slowly restore your strength and give you the motivation to focus where it needs to be.

So no

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