Crack the Code: Tips to Make Him Like You Over Text


In the age of digital communication, texting has become a primary mode of communication for many people. If you have a crush on someone, texting can be a great way to stay in touch and get to know them better. However, it can also be tricky to navigate the world of text messaging when you’re trying to make someone like you. In this article, we’ll share some tips on how to crack the code and make him like you over text.

Tips to Make Him Like You Over Text:

1. Keep it light and fun

One of the biggest mistakes people make when texting their crush is coming on too strong or being too serious. Instead, try to keep your texts light and fun. Use emojis, jokes, and playful language to show your personality.

2. Show interest in his life

People love talking about themselves, so ask him questions about his hobbies, interests, and goals. This will show that you’re interested in getting to know him better.

3. Flirt (but not too much)

Flirting can be an effective way to show your attraction, but don’t overdo it. A little bit of playful teasing or complimenting can go a long way.

4. Don’t play games

While it’s important to maintain some mystery and not reveal everything about yourself right away, don’t play games or be overly vague about your intentions. Be honest about your feelings without overwhelming him.

5. Know when to end the conversation

Ending a conversation at the right time is key for leaving him wanting more. Pay attention to cues like one-word responses or slower replies as signs that it’s time to wrap things up.


Making someone like you over text requires a delicate balance of showing your personality while also keeping things light and fun. Showing interest in his life while maintaining some mystery can also be effective ways of building attraction via texting. Remember not to play games or come on too strong, and pay attention to cues in the conversation to know when it’s time to end things. By following these tips, you can crack the code of texting and build a connection with your crush.

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