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Black Magic How To Make Someone Love You

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Black Magic How To Make Someone Love You – Did the blood lunar eclipse lead you to a new breakup? That’s how it happens. Autumn, as you know, invites a variety of transitions. Nursing a broken heart, even when you know the breakup is for the best, is never fun. But it can also be a very exciting time to focus on self-care and creativity. Here are some magical things you can do to let go of old ties and embrace new beginnings when you’re in the land of separation.

First, get rid of all of your ex’s belongings that are left in your space. Objects and spaces can hold energy, and clearing that energy after a break is essential. Ask a mutual friend to pick up things your ex might want back and throw away what’s left (or donate if that’s appropriate! I once knew a man who donated all of his ex’s shirts to Goodwill). Throw out the love notes and delete the emails and texts that are taking up mental space in your brain. If getting rid of this correspondence seems impossible, or if you think you may need this evidence for a future therapy session, file it in a folder or box, then give the box or send the folder to a trusted friend for safekeeping. . Then thoroughly clean your apartment, house or room. Vacuum, dust and wash all your clothes and bedding with your ex’s energy.

Black Magic How To Make Someone Love You

When your place is clear, take a few minutes to breathe and feel grounded and connected to the Earth. Define your intention. Light a white candle and ask the universe and your spirit guides to help clear your space of any negative energy that may be holding you back. Burn some sage or Palo Santo and let the smoke envelop you. Then walk around your space and make sure the smoke gets into all the nooks and crannies, including inside the cabinets. If you want to do an extra deep clean, close the windows and doors and let the Palo Santo burn for 15 to 20 minutes. Then open the windows and doors and let in fresh air and light. You’ll be amazed at the difference in your space! You can put the candle in a safe place and let it burn until it goes out.

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The full moon is a good time to make the intention to let go. The energy of the waning moon will help you release feelings that are not serving you. On a full moon, light a candle and receive the energy of the universe, your spirit guides, and your inner goddess. Write on a piece of paper what you want to give up. These could be relationships, certain feelings or expectations, or negative thought patterns. Hold the paper over the flame and let it burn. As they passionately say: “I let go of what does not serve me.” Let it be so. After the paper is burned, you can dip your hands in a bowl of water to symbolize a clean start. Over the next few days, as the moon wanes, give thanks for all the support systems and relationships in your life that allow you to let go without fear.

After a breakup, it can be a very special time when we evaluate our priorities, goals, and vision for the future. An activity that can help release and focus creative energy is to create a vision board (or you can make vision cards, which are great because you can carry them in your purse when you feel the crying coming on).

Gather some art supplies – poster board or card stock, scissors, glue, masking tape, and a bunch of different types of magazines or a Google image search bar if you’re connected to a color printer. Think about every aspect of your life that you want to improve or things that you want to manifest. It could be a promotion or a new job, completing a creative project, strong friendships, health and fitness, new adventures – whatever inspires you. Identify each intention as you look for images that relate to those intentions and put together a picture board or flashcards.

Think of affirmations for each of these goals. For example, “I will find my dream job” or “I will be surrounded by loving and supportive friends.” Look at your vision collages and read these affirmations every day. It is especially good to do this project on a new moon and read the affirmation every day while the moon is waxing. It will help strengthen your vision as these desires and goals come into focus.

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So, you’ve cleared your space and you’re getting down to business. Maybe you’ve been focusing too much on work or exercising more to get over a boring gap. But nothing can hold him together when the pain of hearing his ex’s favorite song in a coffee shop or seeing a doppelgänger on the street suddenly strikes. That’s when I’ll reach the power of the crystal!

I keep a few stones in my pocket or purse at all times and when I hold one it helps me calm down. Rose quartz is known as a love crystal for its power in matters of the heart, including when it comes to healing and protection. Next, grab some beautiful pieces of rose quartz, one for each of your closest friends. Wash them with sea salt and cold water to cleanse their energy and leave them on the windowsill in the light of the full moon so they can recharge. Then gather your friends and make a circle with a rose quartz in the middle. Take turns passing the stones around in a clockwise circle, and while holding each stone, each person must give an intention to one of the circle members. At the end of the ritual, you and each of your friends will receive your own piece of magic quartz, imbued with individual love and energy. Also, the very act of sharing some of your love energy with your friends will help you remember how wonderful and powerful you are.

This one comes from Llewellyn, a wonderful New Age editor who shares one spell a day on his site! For this you will need a pen, rice paper, rose water, sea salt, lavender, incense and a rose candle. Make four separate lists of things you like about yourself, one for each element, and write them down on four pieces of rice paper.

For Earth, list what you like about your physical body – not just how it looks, but what it feels like and what it does. For example, “I like that my hands can knit” or “I like that my hips can dance.” To breathe, list in your mind what you like. Include any areas of expertise in which you are an expert. For fire, list accomplishments and creativity. For water, list what you like about your social skills and relationships. Fill the tub and add some rose water. Add half a cup of sea salt to the bath. Drop your land list and watch the ink dissolve. Light lavender incense and soak your air sheet in the bath. Light a pink candle and drop the fire sheet into the bath. Finally, soak the water sheet in the bath. Soak in the bath for at least 20 minutes and feel yourself absorbing the love!

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Whoah! You feel sane, rested and supported by friends, full of self-love and open to new romances. Every evening when the moon is waxing (rising to full), light a pink candle. Take a deep breath and focus on being open to romance by setting a lover’s intention that allows you to be yourself.

Provides instructions for making herbal charms that you can wear or keep on your altar. Here are instructions for making a love charm: “Use a circle of pink or red cloth (for more passionate love). Fill it with acacia flowers, myrtle, rose petals or buds, jasmine and lavender flowers. Add a red felt heart and a copper coin or ring. Tie it with a blue thread or ribbon in seven knots.” Once you’ve created your amulet, you’ll want to load it with all four elements. Make a circle, calling at the four corners. Then blow on it to charge it with air, pass it through a candle flame to charge it with fire, spray it with water, then dip it in salt to charge it with earth. Then hold it and charge it with your energy, visualizing new self-love. ex? Which ex?

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