It’s not about to become, but to be


We are so obsessed with our problems, stresses, aggression, disasters and crises that we’ve stopped noticing that we are the reason of them, and we only keep make it worse on day by day basis.

When was the last time when you’ve done something silly, childish, reckless or passionate? When was the last time when you’ve felt pure happiness? When was the last time when you’ve met everyday happening with joy and excitement? Probably, if we spend a bit more time working on these questions the world could be a better place to live. Continue reading

A little bit of numbers


By the moment you’d finish reading this post somewhere in the world about 107 lives would be ended and about 258 new would start, 83 thousand people would have orgasms, some of them would fake it, 144 people would move into their new houses, 34 would find out that they have cancer, 204 millions of emails would be sent, Google would search for 2 million queries, 360 times the lightning would strike and over 13 million pounds of carbon dioxide would be vented into the atmosphere.

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Hope one day you would fail…


I hope that one day you would fail, that you would lose yourself and couldn’t see the way back; I hope that you would fall in love and it would break your heart; that you would give up and forget all your morals and dignity for an easy win; I hope one day you would be broke and taste betrayal and disrespect; I hope that one day you would feel completely useless and self-deprecated. Continue reading

Living proof


Have you ever noticed how people in the shops act? They look like zombies – staring at the stuff with empty eyes, mopping around, bumping into each other, so focused on buying shit that can’t see anything around them – sometimes I have a feeling that one of them would turn to me and ask for a piece of my brain. Continue reading

Rock-n-Roll is dead


And it’s official. Our generation completely fucked it up. We live on our peaceful islands of wealth surrounded by hunger, poverty and violence. While we are checking our Facebook feeds, going shopping, poking our bodies up with junk shit and looking for some new ways to waste our lives while the world is falling into pieces.

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